FaZe Clan's new website powered by Wix

This week Faze Clan announced its new partnership deal with Israeli cloud-based cloud-based web development platform Wix as an official website developer and website design partner.

As part of the partnership announcement, Wix’s branding will be featured on the official Faze Clan jersey. Wix will also serve as official supporter of Faze’s Fortnite team and has already released an official Fortnite Team website: https://www.fortnite.fazeclan.com/

Omer Shai, chief marketing officer at Wix, in the announcement said:

“Esports is wildly popular, with a growing and enthusiastic audience, and we are always looking for the best places to connect with current and future customers. We have pursued sports marketing partnerships for many years as we feel that this is a great way to build our brand. The partnership with FaZe Clan marks our first esports sponsorship and we believe it is a perfect fit. Plus, the opportunity to create dynamic content for FaZe Clan’s brand and their millions of fans is exactly the kind of engagement we love”.

This partnership is a first for Wix as they have only worked with sports organisations before. Faze Clan will be first sponsorship for Wix in esport industry. With the expertise in website development and content management, both the organisations will integrate social and digital content which will be used to interact with fans and the gaming community.

Faze will also be releasing new original content which will also feature their players. The content will be aimed especially at the fans and will available through the websites that Wix will be creating.

Erik Anderson, head of Esports at FaZe Clan said:

“We look for partners that understand our vibrant communities and the esports audience. Wix has all of the elements of energy, style, and speed that our players embrace and are symbolic of the FaZe Clan brand. Together, with Wix, we’re committed to creating content we know our fans will love.”

Currently Faze Clan competes in CS:GO, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA.