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Intel Grand Slam returns with season 3 with updated rulebook

ESL has announced that Intel Grand Slam has been renewed with a third season with an updated set of rules to increase competitivity for winning the prestige prize of 1 million dollars.

The rule update has been made in order to keep the award as the highest level of achievement the team can be given for a certain time period.

Earlier, teams would have to win four tournaments hosted by ESL and DreamHack in the ten events they would choose to attend. The last season was won by Liquid who completed the series in 144 compared to Astralis’ record of 379 days in the first season.

With the new rules, teams can claim the coveted one million dollars price in the following way:

  1. Winning four Masters level CS:GO tournaments including one (or more) designated Masters level CS:GO tournament inside a span of ten consecutive tournaments.
  2. Winning six Masters-level CS: GO tournaments inside a span of ten consecutive events.

The list of Master level events is:

  • Intel® Extreme Masters
  • ESL One
  • ESL Pro League
  • DreamHack Masters

The list of Designated Masters is:

  • Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice
  • ESL One Cologne.
  • ESL/DreamHack organized Valve Majors

The race for Intel Grand Slam Season 3 begins with IEM Chicago which begins from 18th of June to the 21st of June.

The Season 3 of IGS was first seen on Liquipedia on the 9th of July which reported the season, to begin with, IEM Chicago as well.

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