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Viperous gets banned from Twitch

Popular Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite streamer Viperous has been banned from the platform in typical Twitch fashion with fans unaware as to what caused it.

With over 50,000 followers on her Twitch channel, Viperous rarely gets involved in any controversy or drama which prompted fans to wonder about the reason behind the ban. Her streams, especially R6 ones have formed quite a well-knitted and tight community that serves as her loyal fanbase who will support her no matter what.

Twitch is far from providing any explanation of sorts and neither the streamer nor the platform has chosen to comment on the matter. Her account was banned on June 12, but a return date cannot be speculated given the little information available.

Several speculations suggest a DMCA strike which would make her return simple and faster than we expect as Twitch will uplift the ban as soon as confusion surrounding the infringing content is resolved. As of now, nothing can be confirmed but keep a tab on her socials to get a swift update.

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