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Pokimane: Twitch Sub Count, Followers & More

Imane Anys, aka “Pokimane” is perhaps the internet’s biggest female streamer and is one of the founding members of the OfflineTV entertainment group. She is widely known for her Fortnite, Among Us, and Rust streams. However, she recently took a liking to Minecraft and has been streaming it on her Twitch channel for the past few weeks. She is also active on YouTube, having several channels where she posts gaming-related content on her main channel “Pokimane” while she vlogs and shares her insight on various topics on her channels “Pokimane Too” & “imane”, another one of her channel “Poki ASMR”, which has been inactive for over a year, focuses on ASMR and unboxing videos.

Pokimane has received several accolades over the course of her streaming career and was the recipient of 2018’s Twitch Streamer of the Year.

Pokimane Twitch Followers and Subscribers

Pokimane usually streams on Wednesdays to Fridays for an average of 6 hours (12 PM- 6 PM PST) and has 7.9 million followers on Twitch, and 181 million total views, she has also streamed 4,526 hours worth of content which roughly translates to almost 189 days. To date, her channel has a peak viewer count of 138,482.

Presently, Pokimane has over 10,000 active subscriptions which are substantially less than her all-time peak subscribers in April 2020 (30,712), making her the 75th most subscribed person on Twitch.  Her YouTube channel “Pokimane” has 6.64 million subscribers, while her channels “PokimaneToo”, “imane” and “Poki ASMR” have 439k, 162k, and 767k subscribers respectively. 

Pokimane Twitch Emotes and Badges

Twitch lets their content creators and subscribers use custom emotes in-stream chats, and Pokimane’s viewers and fans can take full advantage of this feature to interact with her during her streams. 

Currently, her channel has 62 total emotes with 60 of them belonging to Tier 1 subscribers and 1 emote to $9.99 Tier $24.99 Tier each.

Her channel also features 16 subscriber loyalty badges.

10 cheer badges and 5 cheermotes. Cheermotes are custom animated emotes that can be enabled on Twitch partners and affiliates’ channels, users can send “bits” in a form of virtual currency, to streamers to cheer them on, the more bits you send, the ‘crazier’ the emote gets.

Other than Twitch and YouTube, Pokimane is also active on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, having 3.4 million & 5.8 million followers respectively.

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