Fall Guys x Nier Automata Collaboration Announced

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Mediatonic the guys behind the famous cartoony battleground game Fall Guys has recently announced its collaboration with Square Enix to bring the famous 2B character from the Nier Automata series as a playable character skin in Fall Guys. 

Recently, Fall Guys’ official Twitter account posted a Fall Guys x Nier Automata trailer along with the announcement of 2B skin coming to Fall Guys on 18 June 2021. The skin will cost similar to other collaboration skins i.e. 10 crowns total (5 crowns for each part). 

Fall Guys was once the most played indie game of the last year, but now it isn’t close to those days. Currently, the game sits with less than 8K concurrent players on Steam. While it may sound big when compared to other indie games, this number is extremely low considering that at one time they used to have more than 140K+ concurrent players on Steam

Since the runaway success of Among Us, Fall Guys have from its high position and is struggling with the lower than usual player base. But that doesn’t mean the developers aren’t committed to the game, as Mediatonic is still collaborating with other games and franchises to bring in new content constantly. 

Other than new collaborations, Fall Guys is still bringing out new content in the form of free Battle Pass and new levels. The game might be a niche now from its highs, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still extremely fun and funny.

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