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Far Cry 6 Opening Cinematic Revealed At Ubisoft Forward


Starting off the E3 weekend, Ubisoft this year prepared a bunch of surprises for its Ubisoft Foward presentation. With the company showing the latest development in the upcoming Rainbow Six Extraction to ending their show with the announcement of game based on awarding winning Avatar movie. The Ubisoft Forward this year was a solid hour of trailers, developer soundbites and surprise reveals.

Far Cry 6 is the latest game installment to the very popular Far Cry series. The game is set to release on 7th October and with its release window so close we expected more news or reveals about the game. Ubisoft didn’t leave us hanging and revealed the opening cinematic of Far Cry 6. The reveal perfectly captures the essence of the ruthless father and Yaran dictator, Anton Castillo evoking fear among the people and his own son. 

In the reveal trailer, we get to meet the protagonist Dani. The scene opens with people trying to persuade a guard to let them flee the Island on the boat. But the guard isn’t listening to them and hits a kid. This is the first time we meet Diego (son of Anton Castillo) as Dani arrives on the scene and persuades the guard to let the people on the boat. 

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Scene change and now we are in a low-lit storage quarter below the deck with others who escaped on the boat. We see Dani talk to another side character Lita. Soon we hear sounds of a gunfight on the deck and hear the guard pleading to someone about being a “fishing boat” passing by. 

Soon we see Anton Castillo arrive with his guards from the top deck to the bottom storage room. Here we hear a long monologue from Castillo about his childhood fishing trips with his father. Right at this time, the older woman who we see first in the opening scene appears again and interrupts Castillo’s monologue. She starts moving towards Castillo while shouting “Sick tyrant! You have poisoned Yara! You have poisoned your son!”. Just when she gets close to Castillo, one of his guards shoots her.

The scene changes and now we see Castillo calling out Deigo. Deigo finally reveals himself and asks Castillo to hurt anyone on the ship. He moves with his father to the upper deck, while Castillo’s guards remain in the lower deck, and lights fads away with the sounds of multiple gunshots being fired.

The opening cinematic ends now and we see other game details such as pre-order bonus and release date. This cinematic just shows how villainous Castillo is with his people and how he is seemingly molding Diego by making him witness violence at such a young age.

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