Earlier this year, CSGO Dev pushed an update to the game which updated the altered the Active Duty Map Pool. Cache was taken out and replaced by a recently reworked Vertigo. The map has gained interest in the professional scenario after Nordavind played the first ever professional game on the map and thrashed AGO with a scoreline of 16-5.

Ater that the map has been played a lot more at top events. Recently, the map received a lot of backlash following the Liquid vs MIBR game in ECS North America on the 15th May. The game saw the round being played out with a 5v5 retake on the A-site, majority of the time. The round would end in a smoke defuse with the Terrorist side frantically spamming the smoke to stop the defuse.

The same trend was noticed in the Iberian Playoff between Movistar Riders and Giants. In round 22 of the game, Riders had planted the bomb on the A-site and Giants were able to successfully pull off a heroic ninja defuse to pick the round up.

Following the game, the pros addressed the issue on Twitter with Fer leading the charge against the map. Fer, in his tweet, said, β€œβ€™ It’s (Vertigo) so ugly to watch and even more stupid to play.” Other pros such as Showtime and Apex jumped onto the debate and agreed with Fer.

In this current state, Vertigo is in dire need of a rework of the A-site to suit competitive play in the CSGO scene. Β Β Β Β