Starladder have revealed the invites for the upcoming Closed Qualifiers for the Asia Minor which is set to take place in the first week of June.

The China Closed Qualifier takes place from June 6-8 with 16 teams battling for 2 spots. Out of that, 8 teams to be invited include the likes of favourites Tyloo and ViCi.

For the Ocenia sides of things, Starladder has released a list of 4 teams that will be a part of the 8 team tournament to fight for 2 spots in the Asia Minor. Among them are Grayhound, who participated in the last Major in Katowice. The Ocenia qualifier takes place from June 1-3.

The remaining teams will be decided via an open qualifier to be held from May 19-23. The full list of invited teams is as follows:


  • ViCi
  • Vital Spark
  • 5POWER
  • BTRG
  • 8EASY
  • Thirteen


  • Grayhound
  • Paradox
  • ex-Breakaway