VCC Winner to Secure Slot at APAC LCQ, Will Face Teams From SEA, China, Korea, and Japan

Riot Games has confirmed that China will get two slots at the Asia-Pacific Last Chance Qualifiers and will battle it out against the best teams from SEA, Korea and Japan for a shot at the Valiant Champions 2021.

The APAC Last Chance Qualifiers are scheduled to start from October 13th and will continue till October 17th. The winners of Valorant Conquerors Championship will be able to secure a slot at the Qualifiers alongside getting a lion’s share of the whopping $33,000 prize pool.


Each of the five sub-regions will be allotted a specific number of team slots at the LCQ. These slots will be awarded to the teams based on the number of VCT points they have in the region. In regions where VCT points weren’t awarded, the top-performing teams will get a shot at the LCQ.

Here are the teams’ allocations in the upcoming APAC LCQ per sub-region:

  • SEA (Circuit Points): 3
  • China (TBD): 2
  • Korea (Circuit Points): 2
  • Japan (Circuit Points): 2
  • South Asia (Valorant Conquerors Championship): 1

The selection process for China hasn’t been confirmed by Riot Games as of yet. 

The participating teams in the APAC LCQ will have to fight through a double elimination bracket for a sole spot at Valorant Champions 2021. The finer details regarding the tournament will be revealed by Riot in the near future.