Studio Sirah raises $830K seed investment to develop Kurukshetra Mobile Game

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Studio Sirah, a Bengaluru-based studio has raised a seed investment of $830,000 led by Lumikai. They are India’s first gaming & interactive entertainment venture fund that catalyzes game-changing, early-stage founders building the future of gaming and interactive media.

Studio Sirah, a Bengaluru-based studio that makes mid-core India-first games led a seed round including Akshat Rathee (Founder, Nodwin Games), Alexis Bonte (COO, Stillfront Games), Piyush Shah (Co-founder, Inmobi), Roshni Rathi (Partner, BCG), and Sameer Pitalwalla (Director, Epic Games). 

The company will use these funds to develop the card battler game “Kurukshetra: Ascension” which is based on 5,000-year-old epic myths.

It is studio’s first game digital, mobile-first CCG (card collectible game) based on the characters from the Indian epic-Mahabharata. It combines elements of strategy and battle with unique card-based mechanics. The startup also plans on releasing more titles in the future that will be inspired by Indian mythologies and history.

Lumikai announced the investment through their Twitter account, they wrote “We are excited to announce that we’ve led the $830k seed investment in Studio Sirah, a new mobile gaming studio building the next generation of games based on the rich 5,000-year metaverse of Indian mythology.”

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