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Mouz Made To Sweat Versus Fnatic, Put Themselves Back In Playoff Contention

Mouseports secure their second win at ESL Pro League S14, after a tough 2-0 series win over a new look fnatic. After a slow start for mouz with losses against FaZe and NaVi, they came back to their winning ways yesterday versus EG, a must win game for them. They continued their prowl with a 2-0 win today versus the Swedish-English side, who’re playing their first tournament together with the roster. Fnatic have been nothing short of impressive, beating FaZe and BIG Clan already and still remaining in contention for playoffs, alongside mouz themselves.


  • fnatic removed Ancient
  • mousesports removed Vertigo
  • fnatic picked Mirage
  • mousesports picked Nuke
  • fnatic removed Inferno
  • mousesports removed Dust2
  • Overpass was left over

Fnatic threw a curveball of their own today as they didn’t pick into Overpass, having done so all through the tournament, even coming back from a 12:3 deficit just yesterday and instead tried to punish pick Mirage, a map mouzhasnt played in EPL S14 yet. But it turned out to be a disaster and was only driven home by the punishment pick of Nuke by Mouseports.

MAP 1: Mirage (Picked by: fnatic, Won by: Mouseports, Final Score: 16:10)

Things looked set on the T-side start for the Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin led side as they led 4:0 right off the bat. Mouz were all over the place on the CT side and couldn’t manage a string of rounds throughout the half. With such a delicate economy, it wasn’t worth going for all the clutches and fnatic came out with all guns blazing, ending the half at 9:6. On the T side, mouz were ruthless, thanks to EIGHT opening kills from Robin ‘ropz’ Kool and Frederik ‘acoR’ Gyldstrand and another 3 from IGL Chistropher “dexter’ Nong. Left reeling, fnatic could do nothing but look on as they only managed a single CT side round as mouseports ran away with the map 16:10.

MAP 2: Nuke (Picked by: Mouseports, Won by: Mouseports, Final Score: 19:16)

Nuke was a whole other mountain to climb for Mouz and Fnatic both as they were neck and neck throughout, on either side of the half. Fnatic looked good on their CT side as they brought back a 3:0 deficit to a 7:4 half and were threatening to run away with the half. But thanks to David ‘frozen’ Čerňanský’s heroics, they clawed back some rounds and posted a respectable 8:7 scoreline. On the T side, fnatic were even scarier, sending the mouz economy to the bin time and again. They took a lead of 14:11 and it seemed a formality at that point, with Overpass looming as the third. But once again ‘frozen’ and ‘acoR’ came up clutch as fumbled calling from ‘ALEX’ saw fnatic crumble as the half ended at 15:15. Having found their mojo, mouz took all the 3 CT side rounds of Overtime and then needed just one on the switch, which they easily got and ended the map and series at 19:16.


Before the games of NAVI and BIG Clan, every team in group C can still mathematically qualify for playoffs if the results go their way as no team is confirmed for playoffs just yet and if EG fail to win versus NAVI, they could be the first ones out. BIG, NAVI, and mouz look like the favorites to take the top 3 spots, but anything could unfold on the last matchday.

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