We might soon witness a pristine update being inculcated by Valve in it’s famous FPS title Counter Strike : Global Offensive where you may be able to go through your statistics.

Amidst of some rumours fielding Source 2 and its launch, the community has been living through the hype for the same but their dreams were short-lived after Valve released an update which saw some changes being made in the main menu followed by some tweaks in the video settings along with the magnificent Warhammer 40k Sticker capsule been made available in the store for grabs.

Those 3 symbols in the left do depict something interesting which Valve might culminate into the game in the near future.

As reported earlier by win.gg , If we do some digging along with a bit of self-determination, the first symbol is a Chicken, where we might be expecting a series of missions to gain a trivial amount of XP like we came across during the Operation Shattered Web. The second one does resemble a “Stat counter” symbol as noticed in other genres where we might stand a chance to keep tabs on our performance figures in-game. The third symbol might astonish the fans from Riot’s League of Legends where they often use it to report bugs from the game. Along with reporting cheaters and griefers, the community may get a chance to report some server bugs as well.