Shroud says “brain power” is more important than “good hardware” for gaming

As per Shroud, just having good hardware to play games isn’t enough and it won’t make you a better player overnight either.


Michael “Shroud Grzesiek is considered as one of the most mechanically gifted players in the world of FPS games. He claims that having good hardware does not count as a major factor when it comes to being really good at video games.

Players all around the world look towards good hardware in order to get good at FPS games but Shroud thinks otherwise. As per Shroud, it only helps up to a certain amount if you have a high refresh rate monitor, a better spec PC and a better keyboard & mouse combination. Players with good gaming sense are always going to outperform bad players even with the best of hardware.

In one of his recent videos, Shroud talked about the importance of better game knowledge and how it can help you do better against players with good hardware.

Good Hardware isn’t everything!

If you have shi**y hardware, your mechanics might be a little off but that’s not that big of a crutch you know most of these games is all brain power.

In 2019, Shroud teamed up with Linus tech tips to check if high refresh rate monitors can actually make you better at FPS games. Shroud realized how important having a good high refresh rate panel is for minimizing the input delay in FPS games.

Shroud believes that hardware usually does not hold a player back from reaching their full potential but, one has to practise really hard up till a point where the hardware does not limit your potential & gaming skills. Once you have given enough time towards getting better at the game, only then it makes sense to upgrade your hardware to get that extra edge in competitive games.