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When will Valorant Act 2 end?

The Act 2 of Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant was released on August 4th, and it brought heaps of new changes to the FPS title. The new additions to the game in the second Act included the German agent Killjoy, a new battle pass, the free-for-all Deathmatch mode, and a new skins’ collection.

Riot had previously confirmed that there would be four Acts per Episode of Valorant. Players will have separate ‘Act Ranks’ assigned to their accounts after the conclusion of every Act. The Act rank of a player in any Act is determined by their peak performance throughout that Act.

It goes without saying that after the end of Act 2, your rank will expire and you’ll need to play a few matchmaking games to be placed in a skill group again. You can use the time period before the arrival of Act 3 to secure a better Act Rank, which will be displayed in your profile page in-game.

So when is Act 2 ending?

Act 2 will conclude at the time of introduction of Act 3. Riot has confirmed on multiple occasions that the Act 3 will officially launch on October 13th, which means that Act 2 will end at the same date.

Besides a revamp of the competitive system, the Act 3 is expected to introduce a bunch of new changes to Valorant. A new agent and a snow-themed map may also be on the horizon.

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