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Asian CSGO scene rocked by Overwatch bans to spielz, Geniuss

Recently, renowned members of the Asian CSGO scene were handed Overwatch bans in the game, which has led to quite a bit of nuisance and drama.

HZ star Nigel ‘spielz’ Aw received an Overwatch ban on his main account and two other alternate accounts as evidenced on his Twitter. The 24-year-old has since been unable to participate in official tournaments, with HZ disqualified from the Funspark CSGO event as a result of the ban.

For Kritthee ‘Geniuss’ Sawatmuang, the game ban has been converted into a VAC ban, rendering him ineligible to continue his professional career in CSGO, not just in BTRG but at all.

Both the professionals have pleaded their innocence, with Geniuss citing the example of former Lucid Dream star Teerapat ‘Akino’ Jinyong, who received a VAC ban earlier only to be overturned in a month’s time.

Apart from spielz and Geniuss, popular Chinese streamer Kun ‘ChrisMaQ’ Liu has also received a ban he claims to be false. The Douyu streamer has written a heartfelt message in an attempt to get Valve to notice and examine his account to clear him of any wrongdoing.

The only common thing with all bans seems to be the fact that they all played on the Faceit-like Chinese platform 5E. Whether there is any correlation between the two remains to be seen. These bans have come as a jolt to the Asian scene and it will be intriguing to see if Valve does anything about these cases.

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