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Valorant’s new agent teased in maps after patch 2.03

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We’re only days away from the highly anticipated Episode 2 Act 2 arriving to Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant, and it seems like players will be able to meet the next Valorant alongside the upcoming major update.

While we do know that the next Valorant agent will be a controller, we don’t have concrete details about what the next Valorant agent is gonna be like. However, fans of the title across the world have discovered some clues after the 2.03 patch that hint towards the mysterious next Agent.

In case you didn’t manage to catch some changes to the Valorant maps after the latest patch, shiny embers had started appearing that could be seen from various locations. These shiny particles are also surprisingly similar to the Tier 38 card of the Act 1 Battle Pass.

Many avid Valorant fans are considering this to be a teaser to Agent 15 of Valorant, especially since Riot has a history of teasing their upcoming agents in the prior patches.

It’s highly likely that the next Valorant agent will be introduced at the start of Act 2. Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 is expected to hit the live servers around March 2nd.

Previously, while explaining the upcoming agent, the developers had said, “We’re trying to push the boundaries when it comes to Agent abilities in VALORANT, and so far, everything we’ve thrown at you has been less disruptive than we thought they’d be. That said, our next Controller is a cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to. This one is for all you ‘galaxy brain’ players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map.”

Needless to say, the world will be looking forward to welcoming a new Valorant agent to the game.

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