Valorant Patch 2.03 Nerfs Reyna, Stinger; Details Inside

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The highly anticipated patch 2.03 of Valorant is here, and it has brought a ton of new changes to the competitive shooter by Riot. From agent updates to weapon changes, patch 2.03 has everything Valorant fans have been requesting over the past few months. Let’s check out the changes.

Firstly, as we had reported earlier, Frenzy has gotten its much-needed price hike. The weapon price has been increased by 100 credits, which makes it impossible for players to purchase light armor and Frenzy during the pistol rounds.

However, the change that has surprised most fans is the ‘dual nerf’ to the Duelist Reyna. Not only did she have her total number of orbs reduced, but the prices of Devour and Dismiss charges were also increased by 100 credits.

Other than the above-mentioned changes, another notable change includes the price hike of stinger from 1,000 to 1,100, which, alongside its reduction in fire rate, will make it much less viable in games.

Here are the full patch notes of Valorant 2.03 as mentioned in the blog post by Riot.

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