BetterTTV removes controversial twitch emote ZULUL

Twitch add-on Better Twitch TV has taken down the ZULUL emote following claims of racism after viewers pointed out its resemblance with a black face.

Managed by NightDev, Better Twitch TV is a browser extension used by viewers that gives them access to a greater array of emotes and ZULUL is one of them. For obvious reasons, the extension is endorsed by several streamers who allow it in their chat. Ever since its release, it has maintained its place as one of the most downloaded extensions for Twitch.

zulul emote banned

ZULUL is a dark skin alternate of the popular emote LUL which portrays TotalBiscuit who passed away back in 2018. The dark skin in particular didn’t sit right with the masses, though it was taken up as a harmless joke, there were many who argued against it. The abrupt removal of the emote in question came as a surprise to many and the reason is no secret.

Fans need not worry as while everyone grieving over the sudden removal, a new version “Pastor LuL” is dropped. Although Pastor was popular in 2017, its fresh introduction will definitely be welcomed with open arms by everyone.

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