Destiny 2: How to Get Dead Man's Tale - Exotic Scout Rifle

The new seasonal exotic is finally out and can be a bit tricky to get, but don’t let that stop you. You’ll have to complete a hidden objective to start the exotic quest, follow our simple guide to get the scout rifle.

  1. Start the arms dealer strike in EDZ and head left where you’ll notice a pathway straight ahead that’s usually closed. Keep going through the now open door and eliminate all enemies in the way, you’ll come across a landing zone where there’s a shipping container. Inside the container will be a datapad that you can acquire. Travel to the Tower and run to Zavala where he’ll tell you to investigate a mysterious signal outside the reef and offer you an exotic quest called Presage. This is where you’ll want to prep and keep whatever crowd control weapons you have along with a decent power weapon (we recommend Lament).
  1. Open the destination menu and go to Tangled Shore where you’ll see the new quest on the top-left corner of the menu, simply click on it and either launch the quest Solo or with a Fireteam.

The quest itself is pretty lengthy and a bit confusing when it comes to navigation, however it is still fairly linear. After the cutscene, head left and make your way across the neatly placed platforms to get inside the ship. In this quest, you’ll encounter 3 key elements to pass through the passages and these elements are;

  1. Spores (glowing fungal blobs).
  2. Fuses (electric components).
  3. Switches.

Standing near the spores and shooting them will let you pass through areas that are shielded off by the entity and shooting the fuses will unlock hidden compartments. While switches will have to be triggered manually. After you navigate through the puzzling areas, you’ll find yourself inside a trash compactor where you’ll have to shoot the fuses in the ground (they are random every time) and jump inside a now unlocked tunnel. Make your way through more areas and you’ll encounter the final boss.

Defeating him will take some time if you’re playing solo but just be patient. After you’re done damaging a good chunk of his health, he’ll jump down below and you’ll have to activate three switches in the boss room to cool the hot room down below in order to go down and fight the boss. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead and then head back up to get to the final pathway where you’ll be greeted by a Guardian’s corpse. Approach the body and claim your reward. Stay around to listen to some extra lore-based dialogues.