Valorant will be Free To Play

Much like Riot Games' League of Legends, Valorant will be free to play.

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Riot Game’s ambitious Project A: Valorant, much like their own League of Legends Valve’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be Free To Play.

The developers will offer in-game micro-transactions to customize the ‘looks’ of the game which will not be effecting the gameplay. CS:GO players will resemble some of the features of Valorant as it’ll also feature graffiti stickers, weapon skins and character skins.

These cosmetics can be bought through from the in-game store or won through battle-passes and missions, much like CSGO.

Valorant already looks much successful in terms of grabbing the attention of the FPS community by releasing system requirements which could run even on a decade old PC, swiftly.

Recently, Ubisoft also revealed their interest in making Rainbow Six Siege free to play, which encourages and appeals to the mass gamers to try their game.

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