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Valorant to have 6 new agents every year; upcoming agent teased by Riot

The next VALORANT act which goes live in just over a month is set to feature a new agent.


Within a few weeks since the introduction of Reyna – VALORANT’s latest agent – to the game, Riot devs have already started teasing the next agent for their competitive shooter. 

While a detailed reveal has not yet been made by Riot for this upcoming agent, their latest video mentioning their future plans for VALORANT included a glance at the silhouette of this agent which is scheduled to set foot on the game in early August.

Photo: Valorant

Through the video, VALORANT executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon also shared insights on the upcoming “Episodes” of VALORANT.

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As stated by Anna, each “Episode” in VALORANT will last for upto six months. The episodes will further be subdivided into three “acts”, with each act lasting for two months.

“Agents will release at the beginning of an act, so if your math skills are awesome, you’ve figured out that we’re targeting about six agents a year,” Anna said in the video.

Six new agents every year is certainly good news for the players who’re looking for some variety to try out in the game, but can be overwhelming to the players who’re having difficulties in mastering even a single hero. That’s why Anna clarified that the devs will be listening to the community to fine tune the number of agents being released in an interval of time.

Since the first VALORANT act started on June 2nd, the second act can be expected to initiate in early August. The second act is likely to be accompanied by the agent whose silhouette was teased by Riot today.

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