Valorant Mumbai Server Continues To Crash Despite Riot’s Allegiance To Resolve Problems

valorant 3.02 patch notes

Reports of frequent Valorant Mumbai server crashes were seen storming the internet once again on July 21 as players received an error message that rendered them unable to play the game properly. 

At around 8 pm IST today, many Indian Valorant players were greeted with an error message when they attempted to play the shooter. The error message read, “We are currently experiencing an unusually large number of players. To keep everything running smoothly, we need you to hold on just for a moment.”

This incident follows the acknowledgment of the issue by the Riot devs in a Tweet that was posted from the official Valorant South Asia handle on 14th July. The Tweet said, “We’re aware of the recent server instability and are at work investigating a root cause. Apologies, we will have updates for you soon.”

These sorts of server crashes are becoming more and more of a common occurrence in the Mumbai servers of Valorant. This is certainly becoming a cause of concern for the community as many players are finding it difficult to be able to consistently play the game as a result of these crashes. 

However, since Riot Games has confirmed that they’re looking to fix the issue at its roots, it’s likely that the server problems will be fixed within the next few days. Till then, players can choose to queue in the SEA servers instead for a smoother matchmaking experience.