Apex Legends: Pre-selected Crosshair Coming In Next Update

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The popular FPS game, Apex Legends will soon be coming with an update that includes new preset configurations for your crosshair in the game. 

Justin Masse, Senior Experience Designer at Respawn recently confirmed how they are working to improve visibility with the game’s user interface. 

The colors on direct hit markers for colorblind modes were recently updated in a July 19 patch by the developers. Although, this affected many people who used the mode to change their reticle colors.

In a recent tweet, he confirmed that those players who were facing will be getting a fix very soon which will allow them to change the color of the reticle to a preset selection of colors.

The players are expecting that it would have a few different selections like green, yellow, red, and blue. He also said that the studio is working on a patch that will be supporting the colorblind players in the future. 

This change in color of the reticle was a long due request for the developers and this will be improving customization in the game and the players are already looking forward to the update.

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