Valorant Mobile Tutorial Strings leaked inside latest patch 1.12

Dataminers have found strings which suggest Valorant for mobile is in works.

valorant mobile

The new Valorant Patch 1.12 is here for Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant, and it brings with it a number of minor changes to the game. However, apart from the apparent changes in the patch logs, there seems to be another aspect that Riot has continued working on – a mobile version for Valorant.

Recently, rumors about a possible Valorant mobile version has made it to the headlines on multiple occasions. While Riot hasn’t made any official announcement confirming a future Valorant mobile version, there have been reports of users accidentally stumbling onto the mobile version controls in the past.

In fact, Riot themselves had informed fans that they’d be working on a mobile version for their title while keeping improvements on the PC version as their first priority.

Valorant Leaks on Twitter has shared a list of strings today that include settings for the mobile tutorial of the title which directly points to the Valorant mobile version being currently in works.

The leaked strings include:

  • Camera View For Mobile
  • Adjust Aim Settings
  • Basic Movement Settings: Jump over the debris
  • Mobile Range Settings Description: “You Can Adjust These and Other Settings again later in the settings menu.”

Cross-platform playability is something that fans of Valorant have continued to ask forever since the release of the competitive shooter by Riot. These recent reveal by data miners are sure to put a smile on mobile gamers throughout the world.