Valorant Ion Skin Bundle: All weapon skins, price, and release date

This futuristic skin bundle is already winning the hearts of fans worldwide.

In only a few hours since the official release of the patch notes for Valorant v1.12, Riot Games have revealed the upcoming ‘Ion’ skin bundle for their competitive shooter.

In the official trailer for Ion, Riot describes the bundle as, “Forged at the edge of darkness and revered for its power, humanity’s last hope is in your hands with Ion.”

The new skin bundle contains skins for the Phantom, Sheriff, Bucky, Operator, and Melee featuring a white and blue futuristic theme that sci-fi fans would adore.

Valorant New Skins Bundle ‘Ion’ Will Include –

Listed below is what the bundle includes:

Weapon Skins:

  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Bucky
  • Operator
  • Melee


  • Ion Player Card
  • Spray
  • Gun Buddy

Valorant Ion Skin Collection Release Date

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Riot has confirmed that the Ion Skin Bundle will hit the Valorant store on November 11th, as the Reaver skin line makes its exit.

Valorant Ion Skin Collection Cost

  • Ion Phantom (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Operator (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Bucky (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Sheriff (1,775 VP) 
  • Ion Melee (3.550 VP) 
  • BUNDLE PRICE: 7,100VP 

Valorant Ion weapon skins

Ion Phantom

Ion Sheriff

Ion Bucky

Ion Concept Art

ION Concept Art

Ion Gun Buddy