Free Fire ‘Light Up Bermuda’ event – Everything you need to know

Free Fire has introduced a Diwali themed event. Details inside

Free Fire has introduced a new series of event on the auspicious occasion of Diwali festival. This festive season, Indian Free Fire players are getting the pleasure to enjoy the “Festival of Light” in-game and the scale of celebrations is also very large. This event has three sub-sections, each one offering some lucrative rewards.

Diwali event Details:

The Diwali celebration event is divided into three parts named Light up Bermuda, Diwali Ludo and Balloon Burst. Each of these events offers its own unique set of different rewards.

Starting with the Light Up Bermuda, players have to collect virtual Diyas and then completely light up the Bermuda map given in the events section. When players complete the map, a magic cube is rewarded to them and it can be used to redeem some exclusive rewards, including rare skins, on 14th November.

The next event is known as Diwali Ludo and in this event, players need to collect missiles by playing some matches. One missile can be used to roll the dice once and move a single pawn piece. Four skins are available and the exclusive Fearless Warrior set is one of them.

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Balloon Burst is the last event and gives relatively less rewards than the other two and after completing all the daily missions, players get some costumes, discounts and more.

Invitational tournaments:

The competitive side of this game is also getting highlighted during this entire event. Two invitational tournaments are being scheduled for 14th and 15th November. The first tournament is named ‘Diwali Dhamaka’ where twelve partner streamers will fight for winning a lion’s share of 25,000 diamonds.

The second tournament is named Diwali All Stars where a mixture of influencers and esports teams will compete in a showmatch which will be live-streamed on YouTube. Viewers also have a chance to win some rewards during the entire livestream.

Free Fire went on a whole new level to celebrate this joyous festival. The game has released a special Diwali music video with the song “Jeet by Ritviz” playing in the background as the cherry on the cake for this whole event. Overall, this is an exciting event specially tailored by Free Fire for its Indian fans which offers lots of gifts on this auspicious occasion.