Diwali Fearless Warrior set

Free Fire is back with its elusive set of events and with the auspicious festival of Diwali right around the corner, the game has made some special arrangements for its Indian fanbase. Starting with the main Light up Bermuda event, the game has introduced a month long series of events that give away many rewards and Diwali Ludo is one of them. In this event, players have a chance to get the Fearless Diwali Warrior set for free.

Diwali Ludo Details:

Free Fire came up with a brilliant way to engage its player base with another mobile game which is very famous in India, the traditional Ludo. Free Fire has added an element of twist to it and formed up a week long event where players will have to play Ludo via coupons and complete the board. This event has already begun and it will end on November 15.

The coupons are basically miniature rockets and players can earn it by playing normal matches. After collecting enough rockets, you can easily win this set. We recommend you to earn at least 10 rockets to unlock the Fearless Diwali Warrior set in a single round.

How to unlock Fearless Diwali Warrior set:

Once you have these rockets, follow these steps to get the set for free:

  • Open Free Fire and go to Events section.
  • Click on Diwali Ludo and you will see a Ludo board infront of you.
  • Roll the dice and then click on “Fearless Warrior” to move the red piece.
  • Repeat the process until you completely take the red piece to the end, similar to a normal ludo game.

At the end when you take the red piece to the last house, you will get the Fearless Diwali Warrior set for free. Alongside this one set, there are other three big rewards that can be claimed in a similar way. For getting all these rewards, you will have to play lots of normal matches to get the required amount of rockets to redeem each reward. This is the easiest way to unlock this set for free and start collecting the rockets as soon as you can before the event ends.

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