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Valorant hacks advertised on YouTube during the ongoing Masters Berlin


It’s been three days since the VCT Stage 3 Masters kicked off in the Verti Music Hall in Berlin and the viewership undoubtedly has gone berserk across the past weekend. More specifically, Twitch streamers were also given the privilege to broadcast the ongoing tournament to further interact with their audience.

Alongside Twitch, Stage 3 Masters is also being streamed live on YouTube on the official channel of the Valorant Champions Tour. G2 Esports Vs Sentinels and Gambit Vs 100 Thieves lured the greatest viewership ever but it indeed came with a misery for Riot Games, something their heads need to be scratched upon.

Wallhack Cheats for Valorant were being advertised during the matches on YouTube when the channel peaked its viewership, thanks to the heavy-duty match-ups, as mentioned above. Such advertisements are shown to those who explore Valorant content on a more frequent basis and are 100% based on their browser cookies suggestions.

According to Spanish content creator, BlackEspanolito, Riot has been made aware of such advertisements running through and may leave no stone unturned due to their zero-tolerance policy against the use of malware to fluctuate the course of the game.

Such advertisements do breach the Google/YouTube Ad Policy where it is strictly prohibited to promote a specific product if related to “Hacking services, stealing cable, radar jammers, changing traffic signals, phone or wire-tapping”

Berlin is the third Masters event of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour circuit and represents the last opportunity for teams to earn VCT Points that will count towards qualification for Champions, the end-of-year VALORANT World Final. The team winning Masters Berlin will secure a direct invitation to Champions, earning their region an additional slot at the tournament in due process.

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