How to watch Fortnite Operation Sky Fire live event?

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While Fortnite Season 7 has come to an end, Epic Games officially confirmed a comeback of the Operation Sky Fire live event at the end of Season 7.

This Operation Sky Fire is going to make up the gap between Season 7 and 8. In this event, Imagined Order’s Doctor Slone will destroy the alien invaders with an explosion.

How to watch Fortnite Operation Sky Fire?

If you just want to watch the event, there are a lot of streamers who took part in the event along with VODs. Streamers like SypherPK and Loserfruit streamed the event live on Twitch. You can re-watch them anytime.

Top5Gaming’s own footage

During Season 7, players had been gathering intel to help Imagined Order’s Doctor Slone along with placing traps for the invaders. The alien invaders ravished the Corny Complex after destroying Coral Castle and Slurpy Swamp. The Operation Sky Fire teaser hinted that Slone planted explosives on Corny Complex and it could be used to destroy the Mothership.

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