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Photo: Riot Games

Riot Games’ Valorant is creating trembles and breaking records since the first day itself. The game has received an unequivocally solid response from first-person shooter enthusiasts.

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Players frequently face error codes 46, 39, 38, 40, 43 – “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” They are quite common, though, there’s no conclusive solution from your end. At times, running the game as administrator might fix error 29 temporarily. The errors generally occur when Riot Games is shipping an update or the game servers are undergoing maintenance.

There is no need to panic or reinstall the game. The error usually gets fixed in a while. Until then, you may wish to play any other game. Keep an eye on Twitter or Reddit to check out whether the servers are live or otherwise. Eventually, Valorant’s website has a support section with high-priority notifications atop.