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Valorant ‘Spike Rush’ mode and Battle Pass prices revealed

The new mode will be a lot more fast-paced than the current one.

After the conclusion of VALORANT’s closed beta on 28th May, the servers of the competitive shooter were down worldwide for almost 5 days. The official launch of the game has already started in Asian countries and will be finished by 3rd June across the globe.

Before the official release of the game, Riot devs have already leaked a significant amount of details on the upcoming new game mode, new agent and the much anticipated VALORANT Battle Pass. 

A June 1st stream from ESPN Esports saw Riot devs Ana Donlan and Joe Ziegle specifying details on all the upcoming new stuff to the fans. Previously, leaks of the Spike Rush mode gave fans the general idea on the game mode. It will be a faster paced mode and the game times will be shorter, making it perfect for people in a rush or those who don’t have enough time to play a full unrated or ranked game.

Zielger mentioned in the stream, “Our goal for creating this game mode was: you go through these long, stressful sessions, what do you play when you just need to cool off? Have a quick experience where you can chill a little bit.”

Details on the Battle Pass were also specified in the stream. Donlan claimed that the VALORANT Battle Pass would be costing users a 1000 Valorant points, which is $10 in real cash, making its price the same as a lvl 1 Dota Battle Pass, which came out last week. There’ll be a free version of the pass available as well. However, the rewards’ line on it is expected to be inferior to that of the premium one.

“We always wanted to create something in our battle pass that would provide players with a ton of content they could earn, and really reward them for their time and investment,” Donlon said. “Tons of different ways for players to express themselves… There’s a bunch of exclusive content in it.”

Lastly, while explaining the newest agent Reyna, Zielger said, “The way you’d approach Reyna is similar to the way you’d approach Jett, I’d say, you can’t just run into a group of five and expect to win, you definitely have to bait them into the traps you’re going to be setting for them.”

“You really have to be thinking about ‘how do I divide and conquer?’ more than anything else. So instead of taking on two groups of two at once, just try and split them up as much as possible.”

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