Riot Games Promises Fix For Valorant Mumbai Server Instability Issues

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If you’ve played Valorant on the Mumbai servers within the past few days, you’re probably already aware of the problems involving server instability that the Mumbai servers are experiencing. Players across India and South Asia had been reporting instances of server instability ranging from latency issues to servers going down.

The instability issues got to an extent where many players were forced to play on SEA servers instead to avoid the disruption of their gameplay. 

Luckily, it seems like the developers behind the tactical shooter have taken note of the issue, and are working to fix the instability problems at their roots. 

The official Twitter handle of Valorant South Asia said in a Tweet, “We’re aware of the recent server instability and are at work investigating a root cause.” They proceeded to apologize for the inconvenience caused and assured players that they’ll have an update on it soon. 

While no duration has been specified by Riot about when the servers will be fixed, it seems like the issue will be resolved in the next couple of weeks since the dev team is usually swift to tackle these sorts of problems. 

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