Valorant Mobile Beta Website: Is it Real or Fake?

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PUBG has exposed the potential that the mobile gaming landscape carries which explains why every developer would like to take a dig at pushing out a mobile version of their respective esports title.

Valorant marked itself as the biggest game launched in the past few years and its success has given the developer enough room to announce the development of a mobile version for the same. The PC FPS has developed an extremely stable esports scene with new teams coming up every other day which explains the hype around the game.

The game as of now is restricted to PC, needless to say, that the game will enjoy similar success if a mobile version comes to fruition. Riot has teased a mobile version on multiple occasions but skipped on a release date.

The hype around the mobile version of Valorant is getting misused by scammers to put up a fake website that promises an early beta for the game. The website has far too many irregularities for it to be legit. The welcome screen presents a “Yoru” image with its side poor cropped but the language on the website is well constructed.

The welcome screen redirects to a registration page where an APK file is offered upon registration. Android betas are generally distributed via PlayStore, least of all by a sketchy website. The APK is likely a phishing app with obvious intentions so steer clear of any such applications.

As of now, nothing remotely close to a Valorant beta has surfaced and players should avoid installing any applications that pose as a mobile version for the massively popular title. Riot has promised a mobile version but a date is yet to be announced so keep an eye for that before registering yourself with a phishing website.

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