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Valorant Mobile

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Valorant Mobile Receives Approval from the Chinese Government

Valorant Mobile has secured approval from the Chinese government for its launch in the country. The news was brought forth through an X post...

Can You Play Valorant on Mobile?

Valorant has taken the esports world by storm and is now setting its sights on the mobile gaming market. Riot Games has confirmed that...

Valorant Mobile Global Beta Launch May Be Closer Than Ever

There’s no denying that Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated titles to be released in the near future. Having already made waves...

iFlicks Talks About the Potential Impact of Valorant Mobile on BGMI 

India has witnessed significant shifts and transformations, from the meteoric rise of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and Free Fire to the emergence of new...

Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaks Tease Gyroscope, Deathmatch, and More

There's no denying that Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated titles to be released in the near future. Having already made waves...

Riot Games to Redevelop VALORANT Mobile From Scratch; Tencent Pulls Out

In a dramatic twist, Tencent Games, a global powerhouse in the video game industry, has reportedly halted the development of the eagerly awaited VALORANT...

Riot Games to sue NetEase for imitating Valorant

Riot Games will be suing a game developing company called NetEase for allegedly copying their flagship game VALORANT.

Mobile games similar to Valorant Mobile

Here are the top five games similar to Valorant Mobile that you can play while the Valorant comes out.

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Is Palworld Coming to PS5?

After months of silence, a cryptic tweet from [Bucky/developer name] has sparked speculation about a potential Palworld PS5 release.

Valorant Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Valorant Episode 9 Act 1 arrives on June 25th! Get the latest on the release date, new agent teasers, the Evori Dreamwings skin bundle, and more.

Unexpected Valorant Ultimate Interaction Baffles Players & Developers Alike

A new clip circulating on social media reveals a surprising interaction between KAY/O and Iso's ultimate abilities in Valorant. The clip has sparked debate among players and even caught the attention of Riot Games developers, leaving many wondering if the interaction is a bug or an intended game mechanic.