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Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaks Tease Gyroscope, Deathmatch, and More

There’s no denying that Valorant Mobile is one of the most anticipated titles to be released in the near future. Having already made waves in the PC gaming first-person-shooter (FPS) genre, Valorant is all set to take over the mobile gaming industry.

Back in June 2021, Riot Games announced that it will port its highly successful PC FPS title Valorant to Mobile. However, it has been the only official announcement from Riot Games regarding Valorant Mobile. Despite the incredible hype surrounding it, Riot Games has yet to disclose any information regarding a global release. It’s worth noting that the game is currently in the closed beta testing stage in China, resulting in numerous gameplay clips surfacing in recent months, alongside a few leaked clips over the past couple of years

Valorant Mobile Latest Leaks Features Gameplay Videos

In the most recent batch of leaks, a YouTuber by the name of AnakinGG has shared four distinct videos of Valorant Mobile on their channel. These videos showcase Ranked Gameplay, Deathmatch Gameplay Handcam, a test of Raze’s double satchel, and Gyroscope Gameplay Handcam. These gameplay videos have sparked considerable hype among fans eagerly anticipating the strategic and action-packed world of Valorant on their mobile devices.

The first video provides a comprehensive look at gameplay in a ranked match played on the Bind map. The player uses the Raze agent, and the gameplay closely resembles its PC counterpart. Even the abilities of all agents featured in the game remain identical.

The second video is a handcam recording of gameplay during a Deathmatch. The match takes place on Ascent, and everything showcased in the videos mirrors the PC version of the game.

The third video serves as a test of Raze’s double satchel ability, which was creatively used in Valorant PC. However, to make effective use of this ability, players must possess quick reflexes and proper hand coordination. It will be interesting to see how mobile gamers master this creative ability given the limitations of mobile inputs.

Gyroscope functionality is one of the most crucial aspects of mobile gaming. It provides players with an additional control technique, allowing precise crosshair manipulation and freeing up the aiming thumb for other controls. The last video demonstrates the use of Gyroscope in Valorant Mobile, and surprisingly, it appears to be very accurate.

Other Notable Aspects of Valorant Mobile

One of the key aspects to note in these videos is the mobile user interface (UI) and control scheme. While Valorant Mobile maintains the essence of the PC UI, it does introduce some mobile-specific adjustments. On the screen, players will find buttons for scope, fire, jump, crouch, buy, settings, mute, chat, reload, map, health, and equipped weapons. 

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any mobile adaptation is its performance. Valorant Mobile shines in this regard, offering players smooth and responsive gameplay. This performance not only ensures that the gameplay experience is faithful to the PC version but also caters to the demands of competitive gaming on mobile devices.

As Valorant Mobile gears up for release, its potential to captivate a broader audience becomes increasingly evident. With the game’s ability to replicate the PC experience effectively, it is all set to attract a diverse player base, further solidifying Valorant’s presence in mobile esports.

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