Valorant Player Discovers Insane Wallbang Spot on Split

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Wallbanging your opponents can be one of the most hilarious ways to land a kill on your opponent when playing a competitive shooter. Not only is it extremely satisfying when executed properly, but getting a wall bang kill also leaves your enemies questioning themselves on where the shot came from. 

For the unaware, wall-banging in FPS games is the mechanic where players can shoot through various walls or doors without exposing themselves to their enemies. 

A Valorant player has managed to discover a remarkable wall bang spot on the iconic map Split that the community is considering to be quite broken. The player has shared a clip of the spot in a Reddit post which you can take a look at here

The clip shows Reyna from the opposing team killing their team’s Phoenix from across the map without revealing her location. Reddit user u/pepesilva98 then decided to replicate the wall bang themselves in a custom game, and it doesn’t seem to be that difficult to execute. 

Players have to position themselves near B-Link and shoot at the walls in Sewers to deal some serious damage to the enemies pushing through A-Main. However, it doesn’t work the other way around. Shooting in the same direction from A Main won’t deal any damage to the B-Link player, which means this is a one-way wall bang. 

Given the right scenario, this is certainly a game-changing mechanic that players can use to their advantage in competitive play. However, it’s not clear whether this is an intended mechanic or just a bug from Riot’s side. 

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