How to fix “Failed to Save Settings to the Server” in Valorant?

Valorant Purchase Failed Error - August 26

In FPS games, players always make custom settings according to themselves. Some games like Valorant save those settings to their server which really helps the player to get back his/her own settings in the future. Apparently, Valorant is showing a “Failed to save settings to the server” error message to numerous players around the world right now. What is it actually and how to fix the issue?

What is the Valorant Settings error?

If you have changed a setting in Valorant and it is showing “Failed to save settings to the server”, then the Valorant servers are probably facing an outage. This will make your Valorant Settings default as it won’t be able to fetch your saved settings.

Well, this error is really annoying. Due to the Valorant server issue, the game can’t load your saved crosshair, mouse sensitivity, and everything else. Once the game fails to load those settings from the server, it will make all the settings default. However, there is a fix. Let’s dig into it.

How to fix “Failed to Save Settings to the Server”?

  • While you are facing an issue while connecting to the Valorant server, check out both the official Riot server status and DownDetector to find out if the servers are down or not.
  • If the servers are down, don’t try to connect to the game server.
  • If you have already tried to connect to the game and got a connection error message, quit the game as fast as possible. By doing that, the game won’t get enough time to reset the settings to default.
  • Moreover, try to save all the settings and keybinds in a TXT file. Therefore, if the settings get reset, you will be able to fix them pretty quickly.

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