PUBG Mobile partners up with OnePlus to launch a giveaway event

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PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile game title in the world and due to its incredible presence with a large user base, the campaigning strategies launched by various brands through PUBG Mobile have been a treat for the player base. OnePlus has entered the picture once again as the brand has collaborated with PUBG Mobile to launch a big giveaway event at the start of 2021.

OnePlus is the mobile manufacturing brand which offers premium devices at a relatively lower cost. Earlier, OnePlus had collaborated with PUBG Mobile on a grand scale. The product of this crossover was a new feature which was introduced in-game. PUBG Mobile got the 90FPS support for the first time and this feature was made exclusive to OnePlus users for a certain time period.

This time, OnePlus has yet again partnered up with PUBG Mobile but the rewards at stake are very expensive. PUBG Mobile and OnePlus are holding a giveaway where three lucky entrants will get the ‘Never Settle Airdrops ft. A OnePlus 8T, 256GB.’ The entries for this event have already begun and you can participate in it very easily.

How to participate in PUBG Mobile x OnePlus Giveaway

Here are the simple steps through which you can participate in this giveaway. There are various number of entries and users can opt for multiple entries at once to get a higher chance of winning these rewards.

Players have an opportunity to enter this giveaway till 9th January 2021 and the winners of this giveaway will be announced after the entire process is completed. Remember that more amount of entries will grant a bigger probability of you winning the Air Drop so use all of these methods. The winners could be announced on the relevant social media handles but further details are not provided yet.

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