Valorant to not have stretched resolution

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Riot Games is about to make its grand entry into the FPS genre with its new trump card VALORANT. The League of Legends developers have put in a lot of effort into their new game which aims to compete with market-leading FPS titles like CS:GO. A lot of added features in VALORANT are exclusively designed to cater to the age-old demands of FPS players in general. The addition of 128 tick servers, end of peeker’s advantage and a proper anti-cheat system with no cheaters policy are just to name a few.

Although, there is a minor setback for the game when we consider the option to use stretched resolution. Senior Game Designer for VALORANT, Trevor ‘Classick’ Romleski suggested that stretched resolution will not be an option in the game. On a reddit post aimed at players who are practicing their aim for the game before its release, Classick advised, “If you’re going to use 4:3, I would recommend NOT stretching if you’re practicing for Valorant.” He added, “I know this will be a topic of discussion, and it will be a later conversation I’d like to have with you all.” This clearly points to the fact that the developers don’t want you to play on the stretched resolution at all for VALORANT. The speculated lack of stretching in VALORANT might a major let-down for FPS players looking forward to the game, especially for CS:GO players where stretching is almost a norm.

Currently, we cannot say for certain what the final stance of the developers will be for stretched resolution but for now, we can assume that the game won’t be having stretched resolution as an option on launch. Riot has already made sure that each and every in-game character has similar hitboxes for a balanced experience, and the seeming lack of stretched resolution option might be a further step to ensure that the game remains balanced and consistent for all.