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VALORANT to launch with 5 free and 5 unlockable characters

Donion described the process that players will have to go through to obtain the five locked characters in an interview with IGN.

As it nears its release date, the hype surrounding VALORANT, Riot’s entry to the FPS genre grows bigger and bigger. VALORANT is a unique game that combines MOBA elements from games like Overwatch and pairs it with the skill-based shooting of titles like CS:GO.

Although not much has been revealed about VALORANT just yet, it has been confirmed by executive producer Anna Donion that the game will launch with at least ten playable characters. According to Riot, players will have the option to unlock characters with in-game currency which they can gain as they interact more with the game, or they can simply use real money to unlock the characters they wish to. This model has previously been seen in many games like Riot’s own League of Legends and other popular titles like Rainbow 6 Siege, so it’s a no-brainer that Riot took the same approach for VALORANT. The game is reported to launch with five characters being locked behind a paywall and a stack of other agents that are free to use by default.

Currently, the identities of eight speculated agents have been confirmed. The agents have been revealed as Viper, Phoenix, Jett, Cypher, Sova, Sage, Brimstone and Omen. Additionally, Riot has also confirmed that VALORANT like many other F2P titles will also have a battle-pass feature for its users. The good news is that Riot has assured us that the battle-pass to be included in the game won’t be a pay-to-win feature and VALORANT will live up to its competitive spirit, much to our joy.

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