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Twitch signs a new multi-year exclusive contract with Dr Disrespect

Feeling the heat of Mixer, Twitch has decided to extend its exclusive streaming contract with Dr Disrespect for another 2 years.

According to a leak, Dr Disrespect was offered a deal worth millions by Twitch. Further, the leak suggested that Disrespect will be taking home more than a million-dollar every year in this new deal. Since the departure of Shroud and Ninja, the two big profile streamers who combined had close to 350K subscribers at a time, the platform has been feeling the burn of Mixer.

Currently, Dr Disrespect have 4 million followers and thousands of subscribers on Twitch and losing those to rival Mixer would be devastating for Twitch. Mixer has already poached a huge portion of Twitch’s audience and losing Doc would make Mixer a bigger platform.

In an official statement, Dr Disrespect commented on the deal and said:

Twitch is where I built the Champions Club empire and keep entertaining the hundreds of millions of fans looking for me to dominate the competition. Twitch is my home and I have made plans to stick around for a while.

Yesterday while streaming he also said:

It’s the platform of my choice simply because it’s embedded. No surprise, it’s the Doctor’s platform of choice. It feels good to be on the platform we built the Champion’s Club on. It’s a home baby. it feels good to be on Twitch, and stay on Twitch. This is where we started, and we have a hell of a journey ahead of us.

Dr Disrespect isn’t the only streamer to sign an exclusive deal with Twitch, recently Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar, and Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo were also offered deals.

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