cod warzone

Activision latest entry into the battle royale genre, Call Of Duty: Warzone had a blast of a launch with the game registering more than 6 million users across all platforms within 24 hours. Call of Duty’s official Twitter handle tweeted the news and thanked everyone for setting the highest number record for the series.

COD: Warzone is a free-2-play battle royale game launched on 10th March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, and PC. The game supports crossplay between platforms and also supports mouse and keyboard on consoles. The game is set in a city called Verdansk. The game also allows upto 150 players per match.

Unlike other battle royale games, Warzone features another mode called Plunder. Once a player dies in Warzone, he is then sent to a place called Gulag, where the player has to fight 1v1 with another player who also died in Warzone. The winner of this battle gets respawned in the Warzone. Alternatively, players can also use revive tokens for instant resurrection.

In PC, the game can be downloaded from for free on PC. The game will take as much as 100GB for new players, whereas players who already have COD: MW installed the game requires an additional 20GB download only. Xbox gamers require Xbox Live Gold membership and the game can be downloaded for free from Microsoft Store. Whereas, PS4 owners can download the game directly from PlayStation Store for free.