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Valorant to add Friendly Fire Penalty to Deal with Griefers in New Patch

Riot Games’ premier FPS is set to get an update in the new patch which will see players being penalised for doing damage to their teammates, according to a leak.

Valorant, much like any other First Person Shooter, includes Griefers and toxic players who play just to ruin other people’s games. This is primarily seen in FPS games where players damage their opponents with guns and/or utilities.

Valorant has already found ways to deal with Smurf accounts by banning them, as well as monitoring Voice comms so players don’t have to deal with abuse and toxic teammates. According to ValorLeaks, an account dedicated solely to Valorant leaks and info, friendly fire will not go unpunished from here on out and there will be penalties for doing team damage.

As of now, no guns or projectiles can do damage to teammates in Valorant. But utilities such as Brimstone’s molotov, Killjoy and Raze’s grenades, and others like Phoenix’s hot hands can do damage to teammates as well. These are usually used to take map control but some players throw these specifically at teammates to damage and eventually kill them.

This can continue for the whole game without any consequences, so Riot has decided to issue a penalty to players who cause friendly fire.

What will be the friendly fire penalties in Valorant?

Valorant might be taking a page out of CSGO’s book, the best FPS shooter, and issue a cooldown or an account suspension to players who damage teammates. In CSGO players receive temporary bans for doing damage to their teammates constantly.

It is currently unknown just how long the penalties will be but it is safe to say that causing team damage and friendly fire will no longer go unpunished in Valorant. It must be carefully monitored as sometimes teammates can damage each other by accident without any ill intentions and they must not be punished for that. 

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