CSGO Might Finally Move to Source 2, According to New Leaks

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In the past, we have seen several rumors and leaks suggesting that Valve is working on a potential port of CSGO to the Source 2 engine. However, even after a year since the rumors initially surfaced, the title hasn’t been ported to the new engine yet.

The port of the competitive shooter to the upgraded engine would mean drastic visual improvements to the title alongside other aspects. In fact, a fan-made port of Dust 2 in Source 2 engine shows how gorgeous it can potentially look.

Recently, Twitter user ‘Gabe Follower’ has once again come up with new leaks that suggest the Source 2 upgrade being just around the corner. In a Tweet posted on December 15th, he explains that a “csgo” mention has been added to Source 2 Workshop Manager, which likely means that the port is well in the works.

For the unaware, “Workshop Manager” is a tool for publishing mods to the workshop, which was previously only available for Dota 2, Steam Tours and Half-Life: Alyx.

Unfortunately, no release date for the much-anticipated Source 2 port for CSGO has been set in stone as of yet. The developers behind the shooter haven’t confirmed the port, nor have they revealed a specific date for its release.

Currently, fans are left with no other way than to wait eagerly for the Source 2 port to arrive. However, a good portion of the CSGO community seems to be certain that the CSGO Source 2 port will come sooner or later.

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