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Here’s What CSGO Looks Like in Source 2

A CSGO fan has recently ported one of its most iconic maps, Dust 2, into Source 2, and it looks amazing!

If you’ve been following CSGO for a while, you’ve probably already heard about the countless rumors of a potential Source 2 port for the competitive shooter. Unfortunately, even after a year since the rumors initially surfaced, the title hasn’t been ported to the new engine yet.

Luckily, Twitter user Gabe Follower has taken matters into his own hands by remaking the CSGO map Dust 2 in the Source 2 engine, and fans finally have a chance to see what the upgraded map would look like.

The difference in quality between the two versions of Dust 2 is certainly significant. A lot of visual features are improved in the Source 2 engine and the lighting across the map is also much more dynamic in Source 2 than its previous counterpart.

Overall, even the tiniest details of Dust 2 seem to have been improved in the Source 2 engine, and the map looks gorgeous.

CSGO fans across the world are eagerly looking forward to the official Source 2 port for the title. While no confirmation has been given by Valve yet, there have been multiple leaks over the past few months that suggest the much-anticipated port is under development.

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