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Valorant streamers are ‘Messing’ with statistics on Twitch

If you’re among the few who still haven’t been handed over a key, you probably know what’s been happening at Twitch lately. The streamers who’re apparently live on Valorant are breaking Twitch’s statistics alongside terms of service.

Besides “!givekey” nothing much happens on that isolated Twitch chats, whether it is around sunset or during midnight hours, everything is same. The famous streamers have made their channels live 24*7, breaking all records of their viewership. All this while Twitch & Riot Games are starring at it.

One of the names appearing on the top list of Valorant streamers is ‘An0maly,’ who’s streaming the game 24 hours a day with the caption [24/7 STREAM DROPS ENABLED].

Screengrab from Anomaly’s Twitch.

The suggestions you could get from the channel title is even when he’s not around, you’re still eligible for drops. Isn’t this a misrepresented statistics? Twitch shouldn’t be allowing the stretch of this margin for error, but they haven’t addressed it either.

Thousands of people are selling the closed-beta keys except, Riot Games have issued a serious warning of having to lose your account if you’re founding trading them.

Kotaku’s report on how gamers are gaming the Valorant key drops system raises some valid points, whereas, it also projects how the ‘record breaking’ numbers are just skewed. Twitch’s feature of rerun is also being misused by most of the streamers as they trick gamers into watching it with their baited titles.

Either way, the presentation of numbers on Twitch are well below in reality and there’s practically nothing either Twitch or Riot Games can possibly due apart from waiting for the Closed Beta to end.

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