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Call of Duty: Warzone Is Making Suspected Cheaters Play Together

Infinity Ward is making an attempt to curb the major problem faced by gamers worldwide. It is matching suspected cheaters against each other. Which means the profiles who’re reported to be suspected of cheating, faces one another.

Not to forget that the feature was first introduced by Valve for their famous FPS, Counter Strike in the year 2017. The Trust Factor does exactly the same. It matches you with players with similar trust factors, red, orange or green, in ascending order.

Call of Duty: WarZone too is shadowed by hackers in game which ruins the gaming experience of other players. Until today, Infinity Ward have already banned more than 70,000 cheaters. Millions of players across other games including Apex Legends, PUBG & CSGO get banned everyday and the numbers are ever growing.

The new FPS game VALORANT, by Riot Games is in its beta stage and have already encountered hackers, and fortunately banned them too.

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