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Esports World Academy is suing TSM-Entity’s Manager Sid Joshi over Facebook post

The world of law suits & court rooms have liberated since the increasing usage of social media and this case is one of those. No more now people need valid proofs to file a criminal and civil disobedience proceedings, you can be sued just for your Facebook posts.

Esports World Academy, as the name suggests is among the few of the companies which chose a way to marketing orientation by contacting community influencers across the world. As their website suggests, they’re partnered with Gen.G, OG, Nasr Esports & more of the schools and colleges of London.

EWA partners page shows VISA, OG, Ubisoft & HSBC. The page no longer exists.

Sid Joshi, the manager of India’s most successful esports squad today, TSM-Entity, made a Facebook post which warned people to have their own due diligence before making any commitments to EWA. This was indeed in reference to several tweets which invalidated partnerships of EWA with that the names mentioned on their ‘Partners’ section of the website.

However, things didn’t go down well the legal team of EWA, soon they caught hold of Sid Joshi’s Facebook post and asked him to offer ‘unconditional apology’ alongside suing him for defaming the company without a concrete evidence.

The message, letter of warning published on the ‘Press’ section [now deleted] of the EWA website, claims to validate their partnership with OG, using a screenshot where things don’t seem to have happened as they’re portrayed.

EWA also sent a copy of letter to Sid Joshi, which is available here.

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