Riot Games is quite renowned for their marketing skills, and what better way to promote the game than to create playlists containing music for all the agents in the game?

Riot has made playlists for every agent available to play in the game where each song is unique and resembles the personalities of the agents. The VALORANT playlist has officially been released by Riot on Spotify and contains songs from a variety of genres and language to represent the agents.

For instance, the playlist for Raze features Brazillian songs while that of Reyna features Spanish songs. Omen’s playlist is perhaps the most unique out of all; it features not songs, but a series of mysterious music including The Wormhole by Hans Zimmer from Interstellar.

The playlists for the agents were also shared by the official Twitter handle of VALORANT.

All the playlists were released on the day of the official launch of the game, on June 2nd.

Since the devs have confirmed that more agents will be released for VALORANT in the next few months, it’s highly likely that Riot will make separate playlists for those upcoming agents to fit their characters.

Valorant Agent Spotify Playlists: