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Valorant Servers Down? – Here’s why

Riot Games’ foremost character-based first-person shooter Valorant released into the beta phase on April 07 earlier this year. Initially the game broke viewership records on Twitch. Valorant peaked at 1.72M concurrent viewers breaking Fortnite’s record 1.68M peak. The game received heavy engagement and applause from several enthusiasts. 

Photo: Riot Games

Throughout the beta phase, Valorant received frequent updates mending bugs, balancing agent abilities and map fixes. Developers fixed 1,256 bugs through 6 update patches and established 17 data centers across regions for lag-free and low latency experience. Riot Games also outlawed 7,786 cheaters through hardware bans and made sure that they never came back.

Perhaps, the beta phase ended on the night of May 28. And since then, the servers are down. “I can’t play anymore!” Not to worry, Riot Games announced that the game will be officially launched on June 02, 2020. It is only a matter of a few days until we get back to popping heads. The developers have a bunch of plans ahead of us.

Upon release, the servers will be live yet again. The game will also receive the fourth map, eleventh agent, Omen bug fix, FPS fix and hit registration fix. And not to forget, Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown – an online tournament with $200,000 up for grabs per region. Also note that all player progressions from the closed beta such as agent contracts, skins, rank, etc. will reset prior to the official launch.

Bhavya Shah
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